Configuring Account Level Email Filters

Account level email filters allow you to filter email for your domain's main email account, if you wish to filter email for individual addresses then see our user level filtering article.

To configure account level email filters, first you need to login to your cpanel account and then follow this guide.

1. Click on the 'Account Level Filtering' icon which can be found in the Mail section of your cPanel home screen.

2. Click on the 'Create a new Filter' button.

3. In the 'Filter Name' field, enter an appropriate name for your filter.

4. From the 'From' drop down, select a message characteristic.

5. From the 'equals' drop down, select an operator.

6. In the next field, enter the characters or words you wish to use as a filter.

Note: You can add and subtract rules by clicking the + or - buttons.

7. From the 'Actions' drop down, select the action you wish the filter to take.

Note: You can add and subtract actions by clicking the + or - buttons.

8. Click the 'Activate' button to initialize the filter.

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