Can you migrate my customers' accounts?

Indeed we can!

Limenex can migrate up to 10 cPanel accounts from your previous host to our server as long as your previous host is also using cPanel control panel and we can retrieve functional full backup from them. If you are using other control panels, please contact sales to discuss the details.

If you have more than 10 cPanel accounts, then you can create a cPanel backup and upload them to your webspace on our servers (can be done directly via your cPanel on your old host). We can restore up to 50 accounts free of charge this way.

Alternatively, if you have more than 10 accounts and want us to fully manage the transfer, then there is a $1 per account transfer charge (but first 10 accounts are transferred free of charge).

To request a migration, simply sign up for one of our reseller hosting accounts, and open a ticket requesting the migration (supply us with your old host's WHM details).

Please contact our Sales department to discuss your options further.

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