Limenex is happy to announce our brand new reseller hosting packages. Our reseller hosting packages are features-rich along with plenty of allocated disk space and bandwidth and overselling is enabled. As usual, Limenex is devoted to bringing you the best possible value, hence, our reseller hosting accounts are as cheap as $4.05/month! Reseller accounts are extremely useful for customers who have multiple websites that require its own cPanel account at extremely affordable price. In addition, reseller accounts can also be used to setup your own web hosting company! You can profit from your account by reselling your allocated resources and with overselling enabled, you can easily sell beyond your limits! Our reseller hosting packages start at $4.05/mth after 10% discount using "NEX10" coupon code.

In addition to new reseller hosting plans, Limenex is also planning to launch Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting very soon! Power users with websites that require more horsepower will look forward to this! VPS allows you to have your own dedicated environment similar to a dedicated server at a fraction of the cost!

Limenex is also happy to let new and existing customers know that our management has decided to decrease the pricing for UK hosting to be on par with US hosting! Existing customers who wish to convert to the new and lower pricing can do so by contacting our billing department. Our friendly staffs will adjust your pricing for you so that you will pay a lower renewal fee in future!

Limenex has also introduced quarter and semi-annual prepayment options for our web hosting and reseller hosting plans! Previously we only offered monthly, annual, biennial and triennial prepayment options. The new prepayment durations will enable customers to have a more flexible prepayment option to suit their budget. As usual, we offer generous discounts when you prepay for more than a month! Visit our web hosting and reseller hosting pages to find out more!

As always, Limenex strives to deliver the best possible service for the lowest possible price. We are always looking for possible ways to give additional value to our customers, both new and existing alike. Sign up with us now if you haven't already to experience our awesome high performance web hosting at extremely affordable prices starting from $0.80 per month using "NEX20" coupon code for web hosting and "NEX10" coupon code for reseller hosting.

Thanks for reading and have a nice day! :-)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

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