Limenex is happy to announce a FREE bandwidth increase across our current shared web hosting plans; Mini, Personal and Professional. "Professional" plan's disk space allowance is also upgraded from 5GB to 10GB!

Bandwidth for "Mini" plan increased from 1GB to 5GB.
Bandwidth for "Personal" plan increased from 20GB to 50GB.
Bandwdith for "Professional" plan increased from 100GB to 500GB.

All existing customers on any of the plans listed above will receive the upgrade automatically for FREE!

As always, Limenex strives to deliver the best possible service for the lowest possible price. We often find possible ways to give additional value to our customers, both new and existing alike. Sign up with us now if you haven't already to experience high performance web hosting at extremely affordable prices starting from $0.50 per month.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

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