Limenex is excited to announce the official unveil of our new Reseller Hosting plans. All reseller hosting plans now come with unlimited bandwidth as standard and all reseller plans have been revised to cater to the demands and requirements from new and existing customers.

Reseller hosting has experienced a tremendous increase in popularity thanks to the highly versatile and novice-friendly nature of the service. Traditionally, reseller hosting has been used as an affordable and fuss-free method to start an online business without technical knowledge as 24/7 server management and monitoring are done by the reseller host. In recent years, reseller hosting has been frequently used by consumers to give each individual website its own cPanel account for inreased security and organised management of websites.

Limenex has recognised this niche that is growing in popularity and introduced a revised entry-level plan specifically tailored to this segment with an affordable starting price of $6.39/month after 20% introductory discount.

Traditional reseller hosting customers will also benefit from increased storage space and reduced pricing which will allow resellers to host more clients while saving on their cost. Large resellers will now have an option of upgrading to the RS4 plan with 100GB of premium SSD storage space for their large pool of customers.

The update of our reseller hosting plans display Limenex's commitment to delivering the highest quality of service at the most attractive prices by meeting the needs of our customers.

To learn more about Limenex's new reseller hosting plans, please visit our website at

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

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